Asmund After-CareTM

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Many organisations choose to engage the services of a consultancy such as Asmund to maintain, develop and report on the implemented Management System rather than divert their own internal resources to tasks which, frankly, their staff may not be specialists in.  To this end Asmund has developed a service package we call Asmund After-CareTM.

At Asmund, firstly, we do not build ourselves into your management system – there is no reason why upon implementation we should not hand the total responsibility for ongoing maintenance and monitoring to you and your staff. If, however, you would rather a third party take on these tasks for you then we would be more than happy to accommodate your wishes. We can provide support designed around your exact requirements – be that one-off support, or longer term contract basis.  We can tailor that support to one or more specific areas of your management system – such as to cover for absent staff who would normally specialise in those areas.

NOTE: We also offer support to organisations whether we initially developed and implemented your management system or not.  Sometimes an independent review of your management system brings its own benefits and a one off visit and report may be all that you require to re-vitalize your management system.

Asmund After-CareTM is a structured support package covering all aspects of post-implementation activities such as (but not limited to):-

  • Internal Audits, and Reporting, to an agreed schedule
  • Facilitation of key meeting/events – for example, Management Review, Business Continuity Testing etc..
  • Analysis of system performance supported by detailed reports – direct to Senior Management
  • Ongoing knowledge development for those in key roles and your general staff (if applicable)
  • Review, Re-develop, and Up-date your Risk Assessment, Risk Treatment Planning, and Statement of Applicability.

Contact us for full details and quotation tailored to your needs.