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ISMS-colourOur staff at Asmund are highly trained and experienced auditors over a range of standards. Some have experience as qualified Lead Auditors with internationally recognized Certification Bodies – in short, they have judge management systems fit, or not, to receive certification.

For organisations such as your own, our audit services can be divided into two categories…

.Internal Audits

The internal audit process is one that can either yield valuable objective insight to your business, its processes, and the performance of your chosen management system(s). With the experience of hundreds of internal and Certification Body driven assessments our auditors bring a wealth of experience, insight and skill to the process.

Asmund internal audit activity will be based on an agreed brief (usually based upon your approved internal audit schedule) and will generate a detailed documented report. As we would be engaged on your behalf we are in a position to also provide suggestions and guidance in regard of the findings of such reports – all experience based. Should you wish to engage our team to further assist you resolve identified issues we would be pleased to assist.

.Supplier Audits

We can undertake detailed and effective audits of your key suppliers (or those that give you concerns at a given point in time). There is little value in implementing a management system and not monitor your supply chain and contractors for adherence to your defined requirements and expectations.

Our staff will, upon engagement, pick up all the audit and related work load – thus freeing you and your staff to produce value for the organisation. We will agree a clear brief with you, the scope of the audit you wish conducted – this can be achieved by email exchange (and provides both of us with a common record) – we will liaise with the supplier, agree a date for the visit (unless your contract specifically support a no warning supplier audit as per any supplier contract terms). Upon completion we will provide you with a fully documented report which will include agreed, and other, information. This document should stand for itself – if, however, you have any questions relating to the report we will be happy to respond and if appropriate visit you at your office.

Supplier Audits, often referred to as Second Party Audits, can benefit from the more enhanced skills and experience of a qualified Lead Assessor.